Photography by Holly Wulff-Petersen.

Photography by Holly Wulff-Petersen.

Safia Shakarchi is a British Iraqi baker, food writer, stylist and photographer. Born and bred in London, she spent much of her childhood in the kitchen making kleicha with her grandmother, who encouraged her baking career from a young age. 

Safia's baking is inspired primarily by her Middle Eastern background, but also by her life in London and her travels abroad. Her interest in food has been shaped by her time spent living in Spain's gastronomic capital, Madrid, as well as Australia's coffee capital, Melbourne. Her bakes are a confused but magical mix of traditional and modern, eastern and western. Pretty much like her.

In 2017, Safia became one half of foodie duo Cook & Baker, hosting and curating supper clubs and pop up events in London and abroad. She is also a supporter of Cook For Syria and a member of the Bake For Syria collective. Safia is a regular contributor to the award-winning Caffeine Magazine, and her work has been featured in various online and print publications. She is available for private bakery and cake orders, recipe development, as well as styling and photography for shoots, events and other projects.

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Photography by Holly Wulff-Petersen